How do we
fix Africa's broken
education system?

The Challenge

We need to change the narrative of under-development

33 out of the 54 nations in Africa are on the UN’s list of Least Developed Countries.  Most of these countries still exhibit the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development and human development index ratings.

Africa’s population is growing fast; the youth population is expected to double to over 800 million people by 2050. Yet, in most African nations, investment in education is decreasing.  

Education systems across the continent are not fit for the modern world of today. Approaches to learning are seriously broken and there is a need for a new approach and a platform to help the continent meet the development needs of today.

So how do we fix the broken education system and turbo-charge development across Africa?

We start by providing mass access to the best and brightest minds of African descent; inspiring new generations of achievers.



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Why Blockchain

  • Because blockchain allows the traceability and the transparency of the certification process.
  • Exam contents are public and searchable for everybody, so their value and relevance are observable.
  • Thanks to smart contracts, the assessment of learners will be automated, reliable, and will remain inviolable through the issuance of NFTs.
  • With the use of NFTs, diplomas, and certifications will be recognised worldwide.

Building a global movement of people of African descent

The African Master exists to turbo-charge development in Africa, moving beyond old models of education. We believe that the future of Africa must be in the hands of Africans wherever they are born or wherever they live today, shining a light on African excellence so that we can all learn from Africa’s very best; and together, we can build a new Africa.

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